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Saturday, February 18, 2012

If it's broke....fix it!!!

So after creating the language test below (in my last post), I decided to also create a math one. My students did pretty good on both test. It came to my attention that the test the curriculum provides is waaaaaay to much info for one test for my students. As stated before, I am in a multi-aged 1&2nd grade class. Students in my class have major oral language issues and limited listening skills. A two page math and language test is just too much. So I have decided to for now on create my own. Here is my latest Language and my first math test. So that is 2 language and 1 math so far. I will keep them coming. Let me know if these are helpful. I may use them as a test, but you may find them useful for eye opener/morning work or homework.

Language Test 2
(pic to come soon)

Math Test 1
(Pic to come)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Learning to Work With What I Got!

So starting in January, our 1st and 2nd grade became a multi age 1st and 2nd grade. All students were divided into groups according to their ability level. I was so excited because at the time, my class was all over the place. High, Extreme Low, On, Extreme High, Low....not much of a middle group. Anyway, I was excited up until I was told I would have the lowest performing 1st and 2nd graders. *BLANK STARE*....<------my initial reaction. After thinking about the idea, I got excited for the challenge at hand. 

Long story short...we are now 1 month into the transition and I am very discouraged. Majority of my students have no understanding of blending or phonics. Some do not even know all letter sounds. Many can not identify or write numbers above 10. Anyway, I have not given up...and let me say I LOVE THIS CLASS. They have so much potential, but somewhere along the line, someone felt they would just pass them on through. I refuse to be that teacher. Now here's where you come in.....

I am looking for ideas and or suggestions for teaching kids who have a hard time understanding oral directions. I feel many of my students have language issues and although they understand the content, they can not verbalize it. They also have a hard time focusing... if it does not involve coloring...or me standing on my head singing and dancing. LOL...and yes, I do go there if I have to. Short attention spans (when you don't understand, you don't pay attention). And finally no motivation from home. 

Loving the challenge, but gotta do more!

Here is the test that I created!