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Saturday, February 18, 2012

If it's broke....fix it!!!

So after creating the language test below (in my last post), I decided to also create a math one. My students did pretty good on both test. It came to my attention that the test the curriculum provides is waaaaaay to much info for one test for my students. As stated before, I am in a multi-aged 1&2nd grade class. Students in my class have major oral language issues and limited listening skills. A two page math and language test is just too much. So I have decided to for now on create my own. Here is my latest Language and my first math test. So that is 2 language and 1 math so far. I will keep them coming. Let me know if these are helpful. I may use them as a test, but you may find them useful for eye opener/morning work or homework.

Language Test 2
(pic to come soon)

Math Test 1
(Pic to come)

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